Mission and Values

We share, teach, and live our values


Elements Academy is a place for personal growth where we teach and live values of pride, respect, integrity and commitment. We train our students to be effective martial artists through the application of practical techniques and by creating a safe environment for taking personal risks and challenges. We model accountability for our actions and resulting reactions at all times. We strive to strengthen our community by fostering respect, consideration and honoring each others’ dignity.


At Elements Academy we share, teach and live the following values:

  • Pride: We are proud to bring our strength to the community. Instructors and students alike will take personal satisfaction from belonging to our academy, as well as in their own accomplishments and in the progress of others.
  • Respect: Respect is earned and therefore must continually be strived for.
  • Commitment to Improvement: We will train students to be better, more effective martial artists in a mutually respective and supportive environment.
  • Integrity: Our thoughts, words and actions must be consistent, congruent and conform to solid ethics. We must not falter in our beliefs and uphold honest principles at all times.

Member Policies

At Elements Academy we have carefully constructed several membership policies to support the vision of our studio and foster community among our members. You are welcome to review these policies; if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these policies, please direct them to our Director of Administration, by email at info@elementsacademy.com or phone at  604- 568-3441 .